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OWC ThunderBay 8 (Thunderbolt 3)

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OWC ThunderBay 8 (Thunderbolt 3)

The OWC ThunderBay 8 with Thunderbolt 3 is the most recent addition to OWC's ThunderBay line which now offers eight Drive Bays for either 2.5–inch or 3.5–inch HDDs and/or SSDs in which ever combination you prefer. The OWC ThunderBay 8 functions as a super fast personal data center that offers multiple configuration options to meet the ever-expanding storage needs. Editors of images, videos etcetera, can take advantage of OWC's largest desktop RAID storage solution to be able to work with storage consuming RAW, 4K, large format, and VR workflows. 

Equipped with Thunderbolt 3 technology, the ThunderBay offers transfer speeds up to 2586MB/s and the ability to build RAID volumes with eight HDDs or SSDs. The ThunderBay's rugged, field-tested aluminium design has the horsepower under the bonnet needed to conquer high-bandwidth requirements. It is even possible to configure multiple ThunderBay 8 enclosures connected via the Thunderbolt 3 ports on your Mac or PC to achieve exponential speeds increases. 

Need even more storage capacity? Daisy-Chain up to six of these savvy storage monsters together for a staggering 768TB. Now you can truly capture vast amounts of video footage from multiple cameras or store massive libraries of production work with a reliable and unified storage solution.