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Review OWC HDD Upgrade Kit for iMac 27” Model 2012 and later

OWC HDD Upgrade Kit for iMac 27” Model 2012 and later

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OWC DIY HDD Upgrade Kit for iMac 27" Model 2012 and later 

With this kit, you will have the proper In-Line Thermal Sensor and adhesive strips to replace the hard drive of your iMac 27” Model 2012 with a larger hard drive or a fast SSD. Using the OWC In-Line Digital Thermal Sensor, you can choose any 3.5” Serial ATA hard drive or SSD for your iMac and can still count on proper heat management, thanks to Apple’s built-in SMC without any software and/or hacks. This product is fully compatible with Apple’s very own diagnostic tests. To install an SSD, you will need a 2.5” to 3.5” converter, such as the NewerTech AdaptaDrive, to be able to properly seat the SSD.  

This kit comes with the necessary tools to carry out this upgrade. 

The Upgrade Kit contains: 
1x OWC In-Line Thermal Sensor 
1x Adhesive Strips; to reattach the screen.  

CAUTION: the removal of the display needs to be carried out with extreme care, do not try to pry it open. First, undo the adhesive strips completely. Then, properly remove the remainders of the adhesive strips from the iMac’s case as well as the display. 
With this upgrade, you comply with the Apple Hardware Test, allowing you to keep using your system in the way you have grown accustomed to. The cooling of your device will remain properly functional with the OWC In-line Digital Thermal Sensor.