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Review OWC 500GB Aura Pro 6G SSD + Kit MacBook Pro Retina 2012 - Early 2013

OWC 500GB Aura Pro 6G SSD + Kit MacBook Pro Retina 2012 - Early 2013

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OWC 500GB Aura Pro 6G SSD incl. Envoy Kit for MacBook Pro Retina (Mid 2012- Early 2013) 
Too little storage in your MacBook Pro Retina? The OWC 500GB Aura Pro X SSD incl. Envoy Kit offers the solution. Replace your MacBook Pro Retina’s current SSD with this 500GB SSD and you will have plenty of storage.  
The Envoy Kit contains: 
1x OWC 500GB Aura Pro X SSD 
1x USB3.0 Enclosure for the Original Apple SSD 
1x USB3.0 Cable 
1x Carrying bag for the enclosure 
1x T-5 (Torx) screwdriver 
1x P-5 (Pentalobe) screwdriver 
The Envoy Kit contains everything you need to replace the SSD and migrate the data from the old SSD to the new SSD.  
There is a lot of confusion whether one needs Flash storage, an SSD or a Solid State Drive. We will give you the short answer: ‘SSD’ is the abbreviation of Solid State Drive, which is a Flash-based hard drive. Apple uses the term ‘Flash storage’ because SSD’s have the same form factor (connection) as a regular spinning hard drive, and Apple uses Flash modules similar to the OWC 500GB Aura Pro 6G.